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BAS-IP application is the mobile client which helps to receive calls, watch video cameras from the outdoor panels and to control home automatics by using your favourite Android device.
Main features of the application:
• Receiving a call from the multi apartment and individual outdoor panels. If required you can open the door.
• Watching the videos from the cameras of the individual and multi apartment outdoor panels.
• Alarm control (there is a possibility to switch on and off the security system mode), and also receiving the alarm messages in case of alarm actuation.
• Home automatics control: light, air condition and curtains.
• The operating scenarios of the home automatics and alarm control.
For the proper work of the application functions, your Android device should be connected to the same local network as the main monitor and filled "Proxy" field in the "Settings Management Software" column. Using the other local network the list of functions will be terminated.



Версия: V3.1

Требования: Android3.2 или более поздняя


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