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Experience the events of Passion Week in real time.
EasterNow provides step-by-step notification of
Easter events and locations from
Palm Sunday until Easter Morning.
Most of scripture either anticipates, prophesies or sets the stage for Passion Week – the most important one-week period in cosmic history ... from the Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection. We know the ‘stories’ but often fail to understand how it all stitches together.
EasterNow provides a way to walk through this critical week with a ‘tour guide’ that provides:
-notifications of the events as they would have unfolded 2,000 years ago
-references to supporting New Testament scripture
-references to the Old Testament framework and supporting scripture
-topographical map depicting where events occurred
-analysis of events in light of the Resurrection
-ability to share content
Let EasterNow bring the Passion Week to life!



Версия: 1.9.3

Требования: Android4.4 или более поздняя


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