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Transparent Screen Launcher make your mobile Transparent and allow you to make the screen transparent using camera!By using this app we can safely browse apps on mobile while walking on roads and avoid accident on roads.
Features:Transparent Screen Launcher is application stack.
1) App Launcher.
2) Mirror App Launcher.
3) Transparent File Manager
4) Fly Butterfly live wallpaper for you
5) Transparent Paint, Glow Paint.
6) Transparent Guitar.
7) Save water drop live wallpaper for you
8) Transparent Sudoku Game.
9) Transparent SMS Inbox and Sent Box
10) Transparent SMS Popup
11) Transparent Call logs, Contact Book
12) Transparent Note
13) Quick app opener
14) Message ,Call Logs & App Backup & Restore.
15) Who's call Announcer.
16) Transparent Live Wallpaper.
17) Real Bow & Arrow game(Transparent )
18) Zoom Video Player
Real Bow & Arrow Transparent play archery game on clear screen.
Zoom Video Player by using this you can max/min for your selected video and also option pan/drag video after zoom.
Mirror App Launcher:By using this app you can set mirror background for your launcher. It will suport which device have front camera only
Transparent Live Wallpaper.Make your home screen as transparent by using this.Simply you can set as live wall
Who's calls announcer: When ever you receives call if the number is exist it will announce caller name otherwise it will announce caller number,
Transparent Guitar:Play guitar Music on Transparent window.
Transparent SMS Inbox and Sent Box: Display SMS in Transparent message window.
Transparent Call logs: Display call history in Transparent message window.
Transparent Calls,SMS Backup & Restore:You can take backup all call logs & SMS logs details And restore when ever you want.
Transparent Quick app opener : It's for quick way to open apps.Add number for each application when ever you want just dial then it will open automatic.It's more useful while you have more apps.
Transparent SMS Popup :Quick way to reach message to you by using SMS Popup in Transparent window.
Transparent Sudoku Game.Play Sudoku game on transparent window.
Transparent Paint :Paint Transparent Wall & And easy to learn fast way to draw paint.We ca easily paint by using this which thing you want draw just open book or image or news paper then select transparent paint now u can draw path on camera view.
Fun Suit & Make Me Baby Camera.It's Magic Camera Using this we can capture image and set photo suit dress to your photo.
Live Wallpapers:You can find varieties of below live wallpaper.
Love Clock,Santa Run and fish Tank & Aquarium animated wallpaper for your home screen
Have a safe walk on road by using this.



Версия: 6.0

Требования: Android4.0 или более поздняя


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