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Global mobile subscribers are heartfelt selected Puffin browser, customized version of the Chinese Professional is now open to public testing. Instantly feel by far the fastest mobile browser. Cloud processing power from its proprietary acceleration technology, pre-compression processing through the cloud web content, script operations, loading web games, almost every aspect of the accelerating, Peacekeeper run up to 5500 points points, Sunspider as long as 130 milliseconds to calculate the page! Incredible page load speed. Puffin Browser Pro offers 24-hour support Adobe Flash Drive.
Networking quickly: lifting full speed through the complex computing tasks from the computing resources (CPU) is more intense phone / tablet have transferred to the massive processing power of cloud server. This requires a lot of computing resources page, you can easily watch the puffins browser.
Cloud Armor: Puffin browser to connect all are full encryption prevents hackers peeping content beside. Even if you do not use public WiFi network encrypted in cafes, airports and other places, it can also be through the puffin safe online. Other browsers may not necessarily be so safe.
Latest Flash: On cloud server constantly updated to the latest version of Flash Player, the first cloud computing innovation to maintain.
Save Bandwidth: Puffins browser to use two-way compression to deliver web content, you can save up to 90% bandwidth when browsing web pages in general. (Please note: View Flash content or watch video site, or will require higher bandwidth)
【Special feature】
* Fast page load capacity
* Adobe Flash Drive Support
* Custom Flash playback quality and fluency
* New tabbed browsing design
* Incognito incognito browsing
* Full Screen Theater Mode
* Mouse Emulator
* Rocker simulator
* Complete desktop experience
[Professional players worldwide praise]
- Direct download without hesitation, it is handy, value for money.
- This is the best browser in the world It loads pages faster, latest Flash Player, trackpad like on laptops, and it is easier to interact with pages..
- 아이폰 일반 사파리 로 는 작동 이 안되는 사이트 가 있어요 그럴 때 이 앱 으로 들어가서 팝업 풀고 사이트 들어가면 놀랍게도 돼요 정말 추천 !!!!
- Circular っ ち ゃ い い! Ko wa me cry PC ge ma ji one woods ga で ki te desu ご い.
### Restrictions and instructions ###
Puffin browser cloud browser, visited pages requires a public URL and public IP addresses. And therefore can not access their own network or company intranet content (part VPN restricted content), router or network device settings page, and so on. Puffin Browser Chinese Professional Edition is customized with China to develop the network environment, the Web server setting with the relevant provisions of China in China. Please confirm before downloading.




Требования: Android4.0 или более поздняя


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