Художественная татуировка

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Ink a real tattoo artwork on your skin is not a game. It causes lots of pains and you will live with it for a lifetime! With this Artistic Tattoo app, you can do unlimited tattoo artworks as you wish, at different positions on your body, in seconds and without a pain! You can save your artworks to photo gallery and share with friends. More importantly, it's free, easy and safe to use. App features: • Ink a tattoo on your photo in 10 seconds, without a pain! • Hundreds of tattoos to choose from • Tribal tattoos, Old-school styles, cute styles, surrealist styles and more. • Custom lettering tattoos (create unique tattoos for yourself) • Automatic and Custom tattoo effects • Easily preview your tattoo artwork and make changes as needed • Crop the photo to fit with your use • Save tattoo artworks to your photo gallery • Share the tattoo artworks with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Email...



Версия: 1.0

Требования: Android3.0 или более поздняя


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