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Games won (GAMEONE) app offers the best service for yaguin through baseball content, community, news and information service, and the player / timtok / team / league only pages.
Mobile apps quickly and easily won the game check out the baseball news and information, schedules, results, rankings, records!
Games won app you can check the schedule results and records of baseball (KBO), society as a baseball professional portal app baseball, college baseball, high school baseball, girls baseball, youth baseball, little baseball domestic all baseball team (Stats) .
◈ won games
Offers baseball media content, community, etc., offer booking for members to enjoy watching baseball
It offers customized services of a player / timtok / teams / leagues for baseball players directly to members.
PRO 10 provides a professional baseball organization, so chat "timtok" service for the baseball team cheering with fans try.
◈ players
Sign recorded all of the players can easily see at a glance.
You can communicate with members via a bulletin board-type SNS feeds Tung board.
◈ timtok (team chat service only)
The team dedicated chat room. You can easily communicate with team members belong, and 1: 1 chat is also available.
Timtok is scheduled to be updated consistently interesting content related to baseball.
◈ team
The team dedicated community service.
Provides a team calendar, line-up, recording and optimized services to the operating team and management team, including yaguin for my ranking.
SNS feeds using a bulletin board-type board Tung, share the news of the team (chambul, questionnaires, announcements, etc.) quickly with team members.
◈ League
Meet League news quickly try using the league schedule, results, box scores, records, league rankings, communities, and more.
※ If you have a problem or an error occurs while using the app, please leave a game won by us or mail us.
   Only to leave some feedback reviews, this is difficult to answer and solve problems faster.
※ e-mail contact:



Версия: 1.0.4

Требования: Android4.2 или более поздняя


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